Meri Daranir of the Pearl Desert

Meri Daranir of the Pearl Desert - student project

(picture is just a sketch I realized looked about how I imagine Meri, though without pink hair. Also, English is my second language so the writing is not 100% representational, some things I just cnät express in English)

This character is meant to be the protagonist of a fantasy world called The Flatlands (wip). According to the old legends, the creators of the world, the two godess sisters and their children live on the topside, simply called The Above and on the Underneath human kind, born from a mistake, struggles to survive. In the character history I also mention Storytellers, who in this universe’s the closest we come to priests. They usually travel in pairs, one old and initiated and one apprentice.

Character’s name: Meri Daranir

Goal: Find a passageway to The Above

Flaw: Insecure and therefore quite mistrusting

Age: 19 years

Sex: Female

Appearance: Talked about as the tallest woman in the village. Like the rest of her village she’s dark skinned.

Family: Father died from illness since 6 years back. Her mother is a very miserable figure, just waiting for death in the cold, not really caring about any of her six daughters, except for the youngest one, who was born after a row of stillborns (and after the death of her father) and therefore deemed special, therefore never to leave her mother’s side. Meri is the second oldest child. She still lives with her mother, her youngest sister (Ava, 5 yo) and second youngest Jana (14 yo). Her other three sisters have all gotten married and moved in with men in the village and seldom talks to their old family.

Allies: Sister Jana. Will run into a travelling companion somewhere in act 1.

A little bit of history

The years grow harder, colder and longer in the last village before The Pearl Desert. The last outpost of Spring is what it used to be called, but the villagers have long since accepted how the eternal snow of The Perl Desert soon will envelop them. Not one Storyteller have graced them with their presence in over 10 years, much to the dismay of the mother of six. Last time they were visited by a Storyteller she had called a mother forth from the crowd. She stepped forward with her second born daughter Meri in tow. The old woman, with hair and eyes white as The Pearl Desert, had stared into the young child’s eyes in silence until proclaiming that when she returned she would bring whatever the mother wished for in exchange for taking her daughter away from her to foster as her own and teach her craft. For each year the old Storyteller didn’t come back the mother’s hope shrank and her disdain for the daughter she could’ve gotten rid of grew. Since her husband died she hasn’t even looked at Meri, but she never let her grow attached to someone in the village, like her sisters had done, in case of the Storyteller returning and fulfilling her promise.

Meri had never been close to her mother but the years being treated like she was nothing more than one of the plaids her mother wove and sold have taken it’s toll on her. The only real connection she’s made is with her sister Jana, who’s the complete opposite of her. A ray of sunshine in the cold winter darkness Jana, positive and bubbling with enthusiasm she’d latched on to the stories of old. While to young to have listened to the revered Storytellers she collected remembrances from the other villagers, entranced by the tales of the goddesses, the creation of their world, and stories about the Above, dreaming about beholding it’s glory. While enchanted by her sisters dreams and talk about leaving The Outpost, Meri’s more cynical. Living on the edge to eternal winter with weeks of riding to the nearest city those dreams seem impossible.

Personality traits: Observant and a problem solver, but since she’s been a bit isolated from both the village and most of her family she’s difficulty reading and connecting to people. She’s never sure about what to say or do, often she defaults to obeying commands or just saying she agrees with whatever she’s told. When it comes to people she cares about she’s very brave and caring.