Marketing to two audiences

Marketing to two audiences - student project

I'm the creative director in my own fashion brand. I'm facing the challenge of targeting two separate markets for different purposes. My brand is established in Caracas, Venezuela, and was born as an alternative to the very limited selection available because of the economic crisis. My current market is formed by young women who have active lifestyles where they need an outfit that will be comfortable, but also look good in different settings, such as a lunch, a casual/creative work meeting, errands, etc. In Venezuela, my strong point is that I am a fashion brand born and inspired in Caracas, and designed specifically with the city's unique Caribbean flair in mind. Abroad, my strong point is to bring some of that Caribbean flair to wherever the customer is, always presenting a limited edition product at a high quality standard and with competitive pricing. 


My statement would go something like this: For millennial women who crave casual and workwear that goes beyond tradition, Ifill Official is a fashion brand that provides stylish clothes that adapt to everyday life, unlike typical office styles. Ifill Official is handcrafted with love and attention to detail, guaranteeing the best quality, and filled with Caribbean flair.