Market Day

Market Day - student project


I chose the topic to be activity based and it is about Market Day.  In New Zealand, we have Farmers Markets on Saturday and some are on Sunday.  I love to go to the local one and also the market on the countryside.  There are so much to see.  Kids are over the moon, especially in Summer where they can enjoy some yummy gelato or popsicles.  The market on the countryside that I love to visit every now and then have seats made with hays.


I have created characters for my pattern a year ago.  They are Ray Rabbit, Coco Rabbit and Robert the Pug.  Ray Rabbit loves food and he loves cooking.  He always wearing a tie because he is quite stylish.  Coco Rabbit is very ladylike and she loves art.  Robert the Pug loves cats, and he is a happy chubby guy.  In this pattern, I have included these 3 characters, and added a hedgehog called Lily and a little bunny girl called Voilet.


The Market day is located outside in a park environment where there are lots of trees, shrubs and lovely flowers.


The mood that I want to achieve from this pattern is definitely happiness, joyful, and exciting.

Here's my sketch:

Market Day - image 1 - student project

Final design:

Market Day - image 2 - student project

Ray Rabbit is happily selling ice cream in the market, wearing his favorite tie.  He is wearing a hat on the market day as it is quite a sunny day out there.  Coco Rabbit is enjoying her ice cream while sitting on a seat made out of hay/straw.  She is wearing her favorite blue dress and looking quite sweet.  Robert the pug feeling exciting about the market day and is running around everywhere.  Lily the hedgehog has bought a chocolate stick which looks like a moustach and she is giggling while holding it around the market.  Voilet the little bunny girl has is busy of choosing a flavor of an ice cream.  It is a nice and sunny day with breeze for the market day.

Market Day - image 3 - student project

Maggie Lam

Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator