Lord of the Rings - The Hobby of Yannick

Lord of the Rings - The Hobby of Yannick - student project

Jordy is amazing. Love his classes. I'd give myself a B+. Def can improve on the audio mixing and color grading. and much more.

- I used the sound track and clips from one of the movies, side note the scene where the one (evil) Lord or King is eating/ snaps a chicken bone gave me fits, cutting it out but keeping everything smooth etc... 

- I used the Middle Earth font for the title and end credits, with a stone texture and varied the opacity to make it look like the movie. or something like that ;)

- I wanted to include scenes/ sounds from the movie because it gave it more of an emotional appeal, to me at least... rather than just an interview with stock sound effects and what not. 

Feel free to comment on the good, bad and ugly, the latter 2 especially as they make me better. 


Thank you,