Little Lemonade Studio Pallete

Little Lemonade Studio Pallete - student project

These are the the shades that I love and want to work with. They are vibrant, bright and monochromatic. I have a thing for such colors and am not sure why.

When I was doing the mixing with the primary colors I was hoping to create bright colors like thee but I am guessing it all starts with the color of blue and red one uses?

Little Lemonade Studio Pallete - image 1 - student project

Little Lemonade Studio Pallete - image 2 - student project

As I mixed I listed the colors under wish color has the most yellow and so on. The more yellow and less red created a beautidul peach color. The opposite gave me a pumpkin color. The sqares are just adding white and more and more water. I love the gray I came up with...seems like a happy gray.

Mireya .