Lets check

Lets check - student project

Assume you are the teacher of a class. 

Write a Python program to -

  1. Read the names and total marks scored by students of your class of at least 3 or more  students
  2. Rank the top 3 students of your class
  3. Provide a cash reward of $500 to the student who secured first rank, $300 to the student who secured second rank and $100 to the student who secured third rank. The value of a cash reward cannot be modified.
  4. Make a statement of appreciation to the students who secured 950 marks and above.


  1. Use a dictionary to map the names of students against the marks
  2. Sort the dictionary by marks to have the highest marks at the beginning (Google search how to sort a dictionary by value)
  3. Use a tuple to store the cash rewards since they cannot modified



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