Lesson assignments

Lesson assignments - student project

I'm a historian/archeologist turned baker/caterer that "dropped" everything and moved abroad to marry THE guy, so my blog will include all those elements (I hope I'm not all over the place) bearing that in mind my favorite food blogs are both only food related or historical food related. 

  • http://evakosmasflores.com
  • http://www.foodrootsblog.com
  • http://mynameisyeh.com
  • http://kraut-kopf.de/?lang=en

and many, many more


My first blog post will be about Boullabaisse, a traditional fish soup from the south of France.


These are the pictures I have chosen for the post. I've been taking a little Lightroom curse (but haven't finished it) so they are not 100% edited, but I think they might be ok for the first post. 




As soon as I am done researching a bit about the history of bouillabaisse I will write my post and share and hopefully get your feedback!


By the way I LOVED this class!!!