Jared Black

Jared Black - student project

Name: Jared Vale Black

Age: 22

Hometown: Veil City

Currently Lives (if different from home town): Veil City

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Race: 80% African; 10% European; 6% Other; 4% Native American

Height: 5' 7''

Weight: 155 Ibs.

Fitness: Weight lifts regularly. They have a healthy body.

Disabilities: None

Diet: An omnivore. 

Style of Dress: Prefers a loose fit of clothes. Not too tight and not overly baggy. Urban style of wear according to a few styles of today. Loves converse and vans with skull designs. Wears hats most of the time. Keeps a chain on their pants pockets and sweatbands on their wrist or some wrist accessory.

Things they like about their Appearance: Their C4 hair. Proud to have it. Loves to put it into a frohawk.

Things they dislike about their Appearance: They dislike eye freckle in their eye. Sometimes they give it a look and wonder how it got there.

Parents: Father is unknown. Mother never really talked about him. Mother's name is Alla Talli Black.

Siblings: They are an only child.

Relatives: They have a large family, but they really aren't that close to them.

Type of House/ Flat/ Other they Lived in Growing Up: A two bedroom and two bathroom house.

Color of their Bedroom Walls Growing Up: Gray Blue

Type of House/Flat/Other they live in now: A studio apartment.

Color of their Bedroom Walls Currently: Beige

Childhood Pets: None

Current Pets: None 

School: Veil Community College. 

Childhood Friends: Virgil Tervon Johnson, Ellie Marge Tillson, Berto Lance Cortes

Current Friends: All the same. They each attend Veil Community College. Virgil and Jared are roommates.

Life Changing Events: Witnessing a bizarre crime. Hidden at the time.

What they Wanted to be When they Grew Up: A musician

Current Job: A local handy mart.

Dream Job/Career: Working in the music industry.

Hobbies: Dance, playing drums and piano, reading, listening to music, chilling at the local cafe with their friends and favorite beverage.

Favorite: Korean Barbecue 

Favorite Tv Show: Werewolf Tv Show Drama. It is called Urban Werewolf.

Favorite Music: Listens to almost anything and doesn't seem to really have a favorite genre. The only thing they really don't listen to is country.

Favorite Film: A film about a half-paranormal half-human person who was brought into the world for destruction. Instead of helping evil they are captured at a you age and brought up to fight for humanity. It is called The Harbinger of the Dark.

Other Interests: Basketball, studying history and other peoples cultures, drawing, weight lifting, being around their friends

Personality Strengths: Loyal, calm under stress when it counts, bold, honest, stands up for others especially those close to them ( hates people who pick on others), reliable, someone to count on having your back

Personality Weaknesses: They have trust issues, prefers to do their own thing and doesn't like getting help from others, blunt, a smart mouth, issues with authority.

How they Deal with Problems: Prefers to get at the issue when it is still fresh. Hates leaving a problematic situation to fester and brew up more problems later. Firmly believe a cool head in any situation is a virtue to have. 

Biggest Achievement: Getting into college in spite them being a hard headed kid growing up.

Biggest Mistake: Nearly destroying their school  career losing their cool with someone at their old school.

Life Goals: Self-improvement. Get into the music industry. Meet their personal lifting goal.

Most Important Life Moment so Far: Making mom proud by getting into college and pulling through high school to graduate.

How Would they Feel and What Would they do if their House Burned Down: The safety of themself and their friend is top priority. Though they would be safe and those they care about. They would be fearful about what they and their friend would do. Where they would go, then there would be the things lost in the fire both the important, dear, and things they wish they hadn't lost.

How Would they Feel if their Mom Died: Jared would be in shock for a couple of years thinking she is really gone. Even when they is aware she had passed away. It would hit hard. Following this period of grief. Like floodgates that come open they would feel what has been pent up inside and cry.

What would they do if they won the lottery: Buy a better place for their mother and pay off some of her debts. Use the money to help with college and get closer to their music goals.

How do they Feel about Christmas: Doesn't care too much for it. Halloween is more their style.

Where Would they live if they could live anywhere: Minnesota