Insurance Education

Insurance Education - student project

We are creating an Insurance Education website with online classes. It has always been one on one, over the phone with pdf's and phone calls.  I have never put together a website like this before, so much content...and scheduling... Anyway, after watching this tutorial, it makes me wonder about our text. Here is our main text and benefits. Could I please get some feedback? It would be much appreciated. 




Your One Source for Insurance Education

Our goal is to help you become the agent you want to be!


  • Our program is unique!
  • Instructor-led small group training
  • Coverage focused & sales-oriented
  • Offerings from pre-licensing to advanced property and casualty insurance
  • Sales & marketing classes
  • One-on-one training/mentorship upon request
  • Private group training upon request
  • Continuing education available in select states
  • Classes are offered individually or as a series
  • No chat boxes, we work & speak directly with you!


I am thinking this is not a very strong list. Is "no chat boxes" really a benefit? Or could some people think that is a drawback?



Could this text be a better headline?

" Become the high-value insurance agent others envy!

Get the Best Instructor-Led Insurance Education Available Online!"