Inspiration: Lisbon, Portgual

Inspiration: Lisbon, Portgual - student project

Inspired by Meagan, I've decided to start my project with a "past journey" inspiration of my own. Earlier this year, I traveled through Portugal, and one of the things that struck me most was the sheer amount of yellow I saw everywhere. Meagan's 7-part checklist was a helpful way of organizing my impressions; food, flora, transportation, and architecture were just the start.

As she says, color infuses so many of the elements we observe and experience in a destination. Here are a few still images from my trip that show this cohesion and consistency.

(It also has me thinking about how to describe these colors. Blonde, tawny, lemon, saffron, custard. . . I often find that a word list is a great way to spark new kinds of thinking about how photos might translate into conceptual drawings. The Secret Lives of Color could be a helpful reference here, too!)

Next up: pulling these together with additional outside reference, then starting my early sketches!

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