How to Paint on Jeans: Fun & Unique Artwork

How to Paint on Jeans: Fun & Unique Artwork - student project

I've started filming my next class and it's about how to paint on your jeans!

This is something that's started to trend recently and I've seen so many cool jeans with hand-painted artwork/patterns. I actually have a pair of jeans that are completely splattered due to painting large murals. When I saw that people are wearing paint-splattered jeans on purpose, I started to wear the ones that I have. 

Not only are people splattering their jeans, but they're painting detailed artworks on the back pockets. Since seeing these ideas, I decided to try this out for myself and I'm really happy with the outcome!

In this class, I'll be painting on several jeans, showing you how you can create similar artworks and the supplies you'll need to do so. The checkered jeans below are just the first of many that you'll be seeing. 

I hope you're just as excited about this class as I am. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

How to Paint on Jeans: Fun & Unique Artwork - image 1 - student project

Amaya Jade

Artist and Video Creator