Helping Sonia do yoga everyday!

Helping Sonia do yoga everyday! - student project

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For this project, I will work on a client brief that has spun out of my head.


I imagine Sonia, a career woman, 32 years old, married with no kids and who needs some help.

Helping Sonia do yoga everyday! - image 1 - student project

Sonia is a busy woman working for a technology company. She has realised the importance of staying fit in order to maintain her energy levels and peace of mind amidst a hectic work life.  She believes in a holistic approach. She ensures her diet is healthy and performs yoga with her trainer twice a week.


Sonia wants to do yoga on a daily basis. She needs help to remember the different asanas and postures. She also needs help to stay motivated and carve out some time everyday without feeling overwhelmed. 

Crazy 8 exercise for creative brainstorming

Helping Sonia do yoga everyday! - image 2 - student project

Doing a crazy 8 exercise helped to pen down possible solutions to Sonia's needs.

"How might we help Sonia do yoga everyday?"

The top 4 blocks show different ideas, such as

1. Sending an email with step by step yoga postures

2. Help Sonia to connect with her instructor via video chat

3. Help Sonia find yoga classes near her location

4. Help Sonia access Yoga instructions on demand

The bottom 4 blocks expand upon the 4th idea of on demand yoga. I can create a web application which Sonia can access via laptop or mobile. After she logs in, the app suggests a yoga routine. Sonia is able to watch a short clip of the asana being performed and completes the suggested number of repetitions. Upon finishing the routine, she can see a summary of her workout. She then exits the app.