Hair Stylist Influencer Marketing Campaign

Hair Stylist Influencer Marketing Campaign - student project

Goals for 2016


  • $53500 before taxes = $4459/month,  $223/day - 5day work week
  • Avg Srv Ticket = $45, 5 clients/day


  • BLOGSITE Traffic:
  • 3 months= 150 unique visitors
  • 6 months= 300 unique visitors
  • 1 year= 1,000 unique visitors
  • 3 months= 10% clickthrough 1% conversion
  • 6 months= 25% clickthrough 2% conversion
  • 1 year= 50% clickthrough 5% conversion
  • 3 months= 150
  • 6 months= 300
  • 1 year= 650
  • 3 months= 100
  • 6 months= 300
  • 1 year= 600

Client Persona Breakdown/Audience Analysis:

Margo and her family relocated to the M… NC area about a year ago from Florida.  Margo is married, around 40’s and has a son and daughter in high school.  Both her husband and her work, but her husband is the main breadwinner.

She loves to host get togethers and entertain friends, family, and co-workers and their beautiful new home.  On the weekends she and her husband have breakfast in small towns and enjoy the urban but modern atmosphere this part of NC has to offer.

Her style is classic, but she loves to have her hair done professionally as it is time out for her to be pampered.  She is also busy and likes to have things scheduled and done by professionals so she can do things she is good at.

What irks her is when people are late or she can’t get what she wants when she wants it.  But she loves to visit little towns and loves to boast about little secret spots.  She love to eat locally, especially seasonal food.  And because she is young at heart and loves photography she not only has a facebook account, but also an instagram.  Her friends from back home love to follow her and enjoy her posts.


2) Why Justiss @ Volt Salon is a good fit for Margo:

  • Justiss is a mom who understands what its like to have a teen, also transplanted from another state, and loves living in an urban country area.  
  • Justiss understand that time to yourself is important but so is having a beautiful blowout that lasts a few days and looks beautiful for all 3.

What can be offered that other salons may not be able too

  • The salon is unique as it only has 3 stations, offers modern amenities and interior, and is in the heart of a small village town that boasts a modern atmosphere.
  • The hours of the salon are open to accommodate any schedule.

How services will be offered to Margo and others like her

  • Offline Methods include flyering and post cards to introduce the salon to residents of prominent areas
  • FB Ads directing them to FB page where work will be posted as well as a welcome video and a tour video of the salon.
Justiss Cowland

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