GRATEFUL - student project

First of I would like to thank you for a fun, quick and very informative class! I really enjoyed it.

Second my word , well it began with a sentence and then while working it just clicked and it came down to the word Grateful.

I began with the below option , because i immediately thought of the cheese grater . and so i wanted to incorporate holes in a subtle way! but I hated it, it reminded me of the stuff i sometimes find when googling for quotes (sorry google!)   

GRATEFUL - image 1 - student project














and so I then thought well why don't i do the holes on the word grate from grateful , and I also didnt like it. When I was searching for the shape of the cheese grater , like the shape of the holes (instead of going to the kitchen and looking at it ) haha lazy! so I searched for the vector shape and i created the hole , the tear like shape specifically , i started subtracting it , but it was too much , no matter what size or scale , it was too deformed.

Finally the light bulb struck and the idea was to expand the word and create the grate in the A since it has the same shape almost ! and so I had to change the font from Franklin Gothic to Swis721 Blk BT, because i wanted the box like shape of the A rather than an angled one! so I closed up the A shape and curved the edges and subtracted the pattern! and VOILA !

GRATEFUL - image 2 - student project

and here are some other variations in terms of arrangement & color

GRATEFUL - image 3 - student project 

the purpose was to make the word ful as subtle as possible while accentuating on the word "grate" GRATEFUL - image 4 - student project

so after that It hit me that someone might have done the idea! so i searched (quick google images search) to check if this might be an existing idea! of course I did find similar ideas in terms of the cheese grate and illustrations but I didn't find any in typography (YAAS!!) 

I would love to hear your thoughts and of course which is your favorite option!!

Thanks for an awesome class! 


Talar Tokajian

Artist & Interior Designer