Fur in Watercolor

Fur in Watercolor - student project

Hi Erin,

thank you so much for your class. It was very helpful. I also went with the cat theme. I picked a couple pictures which didn't show too much detail but where I could still practice the different techniques. 


This is Mike, at some point I also have to check out some cat painting classes. I'm not too happy with the face especially the eyes...


And here is Willy. I just did her in a previous skillshare project about ballpoint drawings and here she is in watercolor. This way I got to practice black, white and red fur. I also used a white gel pen since my white paint didn't show much. I also decided to darken her background so the white would pop a little bit more (I also thought about doing this with Mike's painting but I kind of like the monochromatic feel since it really makes the red pop and you can still see the fur on the sites). I like this one much better as my previous painting:




Watercolor Artist and Illustrator