Fun & Beautiful. 11x14

Fun & Beautiful. 11x14 - student project

Thank you for the fun lesson.  I learned so much. First time using this medium. I usually paint. :) I liked it so much I sealed with Dorland's Wax Medium to preserve it. I hope that works.

 UPDATE: 8/1/22 So I was hanging this artwork and some of my others at the local county fair. I was assigned to help the judge with awarding the ribbon that people received. This particular piece I was hanging as a display only section due to limitations. When the judge was done completely he asked me about this, not knowing it was my work. He loved it so much he bought it from me right there on the spot. I was shocked and extremely excited. I love when I can make others happy with art. I just wanted to thank you Pattie for the awesome class here. 


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