Free write

Free write - student project

When i was young I lived in a small town, my home was the last house at the end of the only main road as a matter of fact. Across the road was the towns gravel pit and train tracks. It was a small two bedroom white wooden house.  There was five of us kids and the house did not have a bathtub, there was no backyard, well actually there was but it was a marsh. So when it was bath time my mother would get out her two galvanized steel tubs and set them up on the front lawn. Two girls at a time in each tub, my brother, the youngest was still a baby so he was not included. This is a fun memory for me, nothing I would have thought to be embarrassed about, but you would never see this happen now a days I’m sure. 

School was a long way away and my two older sisters had to walk to and from everyday. The saying you hear “in our day we had to walk to 2 miles to school, in 2 feet of snow uphill” was what I really remember it as being. Right before that big hill about halfway to school lived my Nana, I would always stop on my way, and she would always give me anything I felt I needed to get me back on my way, a snack or a dry pair of mittens, I like to think that she looked forward to my arrival. 

My dad had a dark green pickup truck with a bench seat in the front, we all had to cram in and sit on each other if we were every going somewhere  it was the 60’s so a seatbelt was not if thought about in those days  

We had a large tree beside the driveway where my dad parked his truck and one day playing in the back of this truck with my sisters we spotted a birds nest that had fallen from this tree  I knew right away that it had to go back, so up the tree I climbed, then of course down the tree i also fell  

I scraped my back with the tree branches on the way down and according to my sisters as I couldn’t see for myself, the scrapes were in the shape of a cross  They then believed wholeheartedly that this was a message from Jesus himself  For the next few days I had to show my back to anyone that my sisters told the story to  I wonder if they remember this in the same way as I do?