Following the Sketchnote class

Following the Sketchnote class - student project

Hi guys, 

So I was feeling ill today and I thought instead of watching another Netflix marathon I will take a fun class on Skillshare. I have enjoyed it very much and now I feel very good. 

I was drawing in my bed on the sketcbook.I dont have an iPad, only a Wacoom tablet that I am still learning how to use. Maybe other classes will help me with this.

This class made me believe that my permanently horrible handwriting one day can be fixed.

I wish to have an instruction how to write some letters corectly. Will definetelly look at more resources for consistent writing.

The Ted Talk that I have chosen for this task was quite loose and more of a story, my popcorn method turned me down this time but I will try other ways with other Ted Talks.

This is very exciting,

Thank You!

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Second Part:

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