First Timer

First Timer - student project

Hey Skillsharer,

So I've always wanted to get in to film production for a while now, so at Christmas treated myself to a new camera! As I have little to no idea about how cameras work I decided to start with this course!

First Timer - image 1 - student project

The camera I've used for this project is a Canon 1200D, whcih is a entry level DSLR but has an awesome amount of features and can film some really nice shots. I've only been using it for around 2 weeks but in the time I've had it I've found it to be great and at times a real pain (only due to the lack of my knowledge in cameras, but after this short course I'm begining to get the hang of this)

The lense I use was a kit lense that came with the camera, sadly due to money I couldn't buy a range of lenses, but for now this will do nicely while I'm practising.

I decided to take a trip out to Barcelona for my brithday and figured this would be a great place to practise all my film making skills. Here is the finished project. There are some of the classes I skipped, but this has helped me massively.

Hope you enjoy it :D

Sam Hainsworth

Digital & Graphic Designer