Finding the best freelancer

Finding the best freelancer - student project

Hi! I'm still searching for an idea, so I used one from your list for this project: "Find 100 Twitter accounts related to international travel."

1) What is your project? Describe in 1 - 2 sentences

I need to compile a list of 100 Twitter accounts related to international travel. I want to connect with people who are interested in traveling and who write about the places they've been to.

2) What outsourcing zone (which country/countries) would most closely match the needs of your project?

I suppose any country is good as long as the price matches my budget. I would probably choose South Asia, because I'm not willing to spend a lot on a task this small (I could do it myself if I had the time).

3) Do you think a firm or freelancer is better suited for this project, or either?

I think a freelancer would be more suitable, because it's cheaper and the task doesn't require a lot of effort or more than one person to handle it.

4)  What technology experience should they have to complete this project? Put unsure, if you're not sure.

The task doesn't require any technology, just experience with web research. They should also know how to navigate on Twitter, of course.

5) Submit the URL or a screenshot of the contractors' profile that you have chosen. 

Finding the best freelancer - image 1 - student project

Optional: Tell us why you think they match your project and would be a good fit.

First of all, it matches the required skills for web research and he has good reviews. He has worked on upwork before and was 90% successful, according to the work history. The price matches my budget, it's actually lower, and the freelancer knows conversational English, which was a requirement in order to have a good communication.

I'm a bit confused about something. Some other candidates from the search results were overqualified for the task, or didn't have the web research skill in their profile. Any idea about why I got those results? My guess is that the task was too generic.