Eyes on the Prize! - A Study in Animal Eyes

Eyes on the Prize! - A Study in Animal Eyes - student project

The sketch portion of this class really opened my eyes, yes pun intended, to the nuances of animal eyes. Struggled a bit on the first few sketches but it started to become easier towards the end. I was genuinely shocked at how quickly the horse eye pulled together - especially given the difference in perspective compared to the other designs. Really enjoyed that one.

Eyes on the Prize! - A Study in Animal Eyes - image 1 - student project

Moving along to Class Project #1 - the cat eye. Struggled a bit getting the tone and texture in the fur and iris when following along with the lesson. Wasn't until the paint fully dried and I stepped away from it for an evening for me to realize it came out way better than I initially thought!

Eyes on the Prize! - A Study in Animal Eyes - image 2 - student project

Class project #2 - The Peacock study was the one I was MOST looking forward to. That blue? Those textures? Oh gosh, I couldn't wait. I had to redo my initial sketch because the eye itself didn't feel right and the redo still didn't feel right as I began to put paint to paper but after awhile it pulled together immediately. It's easily my favorite result out of the four studies I did!

Eyes on the Prize! - A Study in Animal Eyes - image 3 - student project

Class Project #3 - This Lizard eye made me WORK for that end result! Initial sketch was ok but I think where I felt the most out of my depth was due to the lack of accurate colors based on what Denise used in the lesson. While I would've found an alternative color list for those of us that might not have had such an awesome array of colors massively helpful in this instance, it actually made me do a little work on my own. I ended up doing a little research prior to painting this study on the colors Denise was using. With that knowledge in my back pocket I was able to devise ways of using the colors I had myself to mix (as close to) the accurate colors as possible to follow along with the lesson. Needless to say, I think I kinda nailed those colors? All that said, I'm not too happy with the scale texture or the sclera itself. Definitely looking forward to the Fur, Feathers and Scales class to learn a little more on that front. 

Eyes on the Prize! - A Study in Animal Eyes - image 4 - student project

Class Project #4 - The toad eye was sketched and painted directly after the lizard eye. Similar to the lizard eye, I did not have some of the listed colors for the project and got to try my hand in on-the-fly color mixing. Similar to the lizard I found certain parts of the painting that I wasn't happy with - I feel like I went too heavy handed on the shading of some of the green spots. Definitely will have a lighter touch the next time I attempt these studies. 

Eyes on the Prize! - A Study in Animal Eyes - image 5 - student project

All in all I had a ball in this class and the finished product is something I'm really proud of. Really looking forward to starting the Fur, Feathers and Scales class next. Thanks Denise for sharing your expertise in all things animal eyes - it was super informative and super fun!