Do Less With More - Example

Do Less With More - Example - student project

Here is a fictional Influencer Marketing Campaign for Everlane.

1) Audience Analysis

REBECCA, MINIMALIST   Getting dressed in the morning is frustrating because I feel I don’t have options”

Rebecca is a 28 years old and lives in New York city. She is an art director with a demanding schedule. She cares about the environment and her overall carbon footprint. Fashion and being presentable is important to her. She doesn’t like to spend frivolously and opts to shop for basic pieces. She wants the flexibility of mix matching each piece she owns in her closet. She looks for outfits that enable her to transition from the boardroom to drinks with her co-workers.

GOALS She wants to be able to have a more balanced lifestyle while looking fashionable. She wants to be more efficient. Having a work / life balance is extremely important to her. She is eco-conscious and cares about the quality of garment she purchases.

FRUSTRATIONS She doesn’t have much time in the morning to look for outfits. She can feel bored with options in her closet. She dreams about having a full weekend to herself to organize her closet and her planner.

HOBBIES She enjoys taking silk screening and yoga classes in the weekend. She can find herself spending countless hours browsing through interior design and travel blogs.

SOCIAL MEDIA She spends most of her time getting lost on Instagram or interacting with friends on Snapchat.


2) Campaign Proposal

What value does the brand give to others?  EVERLANE is a value conscious fashion brand focused on business transparency. EVERLANE delivers high quality basic garments for half the cost. Their best-selling garments are their tank and tee’s.

What is the proposal?  “Do More With Less”

For this campaign, we want to focus on the flexibility of our garments. We will reach out to Minimalist bloggers. We will ask bloggers to share a casual vs formal looks. We will encourage them to provide two looks within the same day - business casual vs going out outfits. We are looking for them to share challenges they faced during a demanding day and how having a flexible outfit can help ease the pressure. We will ask them to include special details whether accessories or make-up which can help dress-up and down our tee’s. We plan on collaborating with 5 to 10 bloggers and send them a complimentary t-shirt.

How long will campaign run? Other requirements? 

We will ask bloggers we collaborate with to deliver a blog and Instagram post. Bloggers will have full creative say. The campaign will run 30 days. We will negotiate with each blogger on specific blogpost publishing date so we can cross-promote on our end.

How much will bloggers be remunerated? 

We will provide bloggers a complimentary t-shirt and a compensation between $50 to $100 for a 350 words blogpost and an Instagram post (during primetime). At our own discretion, we will remunerate bloggers based on level of influence. A more senior blogger will be enumerated $100 for instance. Each blogger will be provided a specific vanity URL so we can track overall results during the length of our campaign.


3) Email

Hi Tiffany, 

We at Everlane are a big fan of your blog and loved your Spring capsule recommendation. We dig your overall aesthetic and would love to invite you to provide your POV on creating a day to night summer outfit with our signature tee ( We know how hectic you and your readers’ schedule must be. We would love for you to walk us through your typical busy day wearing our Everlane t-shirt. What recommendations would you give your readers who must juggle a busy day at the office with no time to change before heading out with friends? How do you as a blogger manage updating a look without completely changing your outfit? We are looking for your honest opinion as to whether or not our tee’s past the test as well.

Please let us know if you are available to chat over Skype on Thursday at 10am so we can discuss details of the campaign. We will send you a t-shirt of your liking and size along with remunerating your efforts.

We hope to hear back from you.


The Everlane Team

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant