Development of my Jewellery Brand

Development of my Jewellery Brand  - student project


Thank you very much for these lessons. It's very helpful and it will help me to define my organization, audience and products/services.

I'm creating handmade jewelleries. My main target is female aged 25 - 45 yo living in big cities, who loves travelling, hard worker and knows to relax and enjoy life as well. 

I have another target, men. I decided to enlarge my audience because many men asked me to develop products for them but they were not my main target when I started this business. Today, I'm selling 75% of my products to women and 25% of my products to men.

But, now i'm confused with the mission statement and my audience because the main goal while starting this business was to encourage women to dare taking risks and living their dreams, so when I'm thinking about this aspect of my business, I always think about women first but I know that men represent a very dynamic target and I should take it into consideration, but it's just difficult for me to adapt my strategy of communication.

What do you think ? How should I approach this split while defining my brand ?

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Thank you for your help,

Valeri Christina

Valeri Kritikou

Jewelry Designer based in London, UK