Day6 Gig Poster

Day6 Gig Poster - student project

I loved this course! It was very easy to watch and digest everything on one morning commute to work, and I absolutely loved watching Jessica's workflow. Because of a busy work schedule, I gave myself a short two night turnaround time to just try my hand at completing the class project (my first one too!). 


Starting out, I already knew what colours I wanted to play with (a dreamy blue colour theme was used for their 2nd album), and the kind of blocky type they were already using for their event, so I just focused on bringing the ideas of dream, band, and concert about. I don't think the style I went with necessarily resonated with the band's music, but I definitely wanted to try an illustrative style.

I just picked a few elements to work with: the clouds for 'dream', wires to represent 'band' or 'live concert', and also I wanted to include some glow stick/spotlight or signage element. The idea I went with was to have the instrument cables plugged into the dream cloud, to express the idea that the band was fuelling their dreams with this live concert.

Vector Draft 1:

I created the elements directly in Ai because the chosen ideas had simple shapes (I'm not much of an illustrator to begin with). This was my first draft put together, but I wasn't quite happy with the colours, and the band's name felt hidden behind the clouds. 

Vector Draft 2:

This was my final vector output. I decided to add one more cloud and give it a squiggly pattern as Jessica had taught in class. I liked the colours more in this one, but I knew I wanted to bring it into Photoshop, because that's where I'm more comfortable with when it comes to adding effects. I can't wait for Jessica's next class to learn how her technique for adding textures!


Armed with just a paintbrush tool set to dissolve, blending options, and clipping masks, I added shadows to the poster to try and give it some depth, althought I may have overdone it. X) With blend modes, I was able to give 'dream' a glow like effect, which matched up with my initial idea of including some glowstick/lights and signage elements.

If I were to do it again, I would have definitely spent more time trying out different textures, but the paintbrush tool on dissolve mode has to do for now. 

I'm thinking of trying this again when I have more time, to really try and implement more of the different techniques Jessica taught. Really looking forward to the next texturing class, but for now, I'm glad I finally pushed myself to complete a class project for once. :)

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