Create a Blog Post for Your Website Using my SEO Checklist

Create a Blog Post for Your Website Using my SEO Checklist - student project

Unlock a powerful Skill... SEO is a valuable skill that can make you financially free. Learning it, like with any other skill takes time and practice.

SEO can turn your small time blog into a thriving website with 100,000s of visitors per month all for FREE.

SEO can also be valuable to other businesses allowing you to cash in as a freelancer or contractor.

The sky is the limit and SEO will help your dreams become a reality.


For this project you must complete a 1500-2500 word post for your website and ensure all of the key points are met:


  • Do Your Keyword Research Properly – Find Low Hanging Fruit

  • Put Your Keyword in the Post Title <h1> tags

  • Put Your Keyword in the Meta Description

  • Put Your Keyword in Images using <alt> tags

  • Put at least 1 Internal Link Inside Your Content

  • Put at least 1 External Link Inside Your Content

  • Use Rich Snippets Where Appropriate

  • Mobile Friendly Page (If Using WordPress Then The Theme Will do This for you

  • Images Compressed to Save Data Usage and Faster Page Load Speeds

  • Does Your Content Answer the Users Question?

Tips on how to get started:

Do your keyword research properly. You can use Jaaxy to find keywords that bring a lot of traffic to your website (traffic column) and low competition (QSR column).

It is free to use and will allow you to search for 30 keywords per month which should be plenty for this project.


Put your Keyword into a template. Make sure it is also put inside a <h1> tag

Put your Keyword in your meta title and meta description for your webpage.

Put your keyword inside an image by using the <alt> tag


You can find free to use images on Pexels.


Extra points:

  • Make your content interesting by adding metaphors and similes
  • Keep your paragraphs short and easy to read
  • Add your own personality in to your content
  • Ensure spelling and grammar are correct

As a reward for your effort in completing this project, I will review all submissions and provide feedback on your work. I will also point out some tips for you to help you improve your SEO skill.

Your real reward however, is the ability to get tons of free traffic from Google and become financially free!

If you need any help or assistance with this project then please ask me and I will be glad to help.

Good luck!

Mark Frost-Foster

SEO Mastery