Cover Letter after being unemployed for several years.

Cover Letter after being unemployed for several years. - student project

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Human Resources Department


Dear Human Resources Manager,

 I am inquiring about employment opportunities with your company.  I feel confident in my ability to contribute to your business, using bookkeeping, office management or proofreading skills.

I will do whatever is necessary to make the company I work for run smoothly.  On one job, I learned to use a table saw to keep our work schedule up to date.  On another, I learned to mix concrete when we were short on help.  As an office manager, I was liaison between a factory where my company helped produce parts and a Chinese oversight team, speaking by phone with their supervisor in China each night.

I was asked to become a partner in a company where I was the office manager, but declined, uncertain what the future of that small company would be.

Please find attached my resume.  I know that I can be a good addition to your business and I look forward to hearing from you.



Cathy Crouch

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