Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop - student project

I made a larger version to gift to my sister for the holidays.

Coffee Shop - image 1 - student project



My Husband and I went on a mini vacay with my sister and her husband in the summer. We stopped into a little out of the way coffee shop with the same name as our maiden name. My sister ordered an expresso with bourbon. She asked me to take a picture for her. I came across the photo while looking for inspiration. The little shop had such a great ambiance. I hope I captured the essence of the shop. I changed the carpet, from black to an abstract design. I also left out the half wall and the stairs. 

Coffee Shop - image 2 - student project 

The reference photo I took.



Coffee Shop - image 3 - student project


The second sketch is of my dog who loves to sleep under the Christmas tree.

Coffee Shop - image 4 - student project



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