Class project

Class project - student project

Class project - image 1 - student project
I spent hours trying to figure out how to stick Nav text on the right

I put "justify-content : left" for the logo

"justify-content: flex-end" for the nav didn't work

I still had a space on the right


then I saw the explanations and simply putting "justify-content: space-between" for the header fixed my (1st) problem ;)


Facing issues demand reflexion, it helps a lot

I'll finish the course till the end doing all the exercises, but I already know coding is not for me


I started this course with an afro hair cut, I'm gonna finish bold at the end



And again Thank you Dan for your way of teaching.




Class Project 4

Class project - image 2 - student project

own custom "NavButton", white border and text, no underline, no background color 

did it!!!

I went on W3School for the borders because we didn't see it yet.

I made few tries and here it is, it works.


Class project - image 3 - student project

I Have a vertical white line on the right edge of the 3 cards, don't know how to fix that.


Class project - image 4 - student project



Finally I made it!!! :)



Class project - image 5 - student project


Requirements: White text, span, bold, Logo left/nav right, both centered.

Nav buttons work with the a href as well as the logo but we don't see it on the image. 

Logo is linked to the index page and the navbuttons linked to a test page.

I did it alone with a pinch of cheat, I opened the previous project to remember how we built it and did the same. 

It wasn't by heart so it doesn't have the same taste, but the result is here and I made it anyway.

This project was lot easier than the previous one as everything was built.


 Class project - image 6 - student project


It wasn't the same way you did Dan, but it works.

I'll change it like yours if I face some issues or if someone tells me I'm totally wrong (and why) otherwise if it works.