Character & World Building with Bryan

Character & World Building with Bryan - student project

Who am I? And Why Me? An author who also happens to be a data nerd. I am someone who loves to teach and with a level of sarcasm that would make Deadpool blush will help you achieve your goals. I have two-plus decades of analyzing personalities professionally so I have taken that and used it in my passion for writing and building characters.

Target Audience: Adult fantasy and sci-fi readers and writers.

Services: I offer help with character and world-building via my personal blog, social media sites, and YouTube channel. Got boring one-dimensional characters that nobody enjoys? Come see me and I'll help you untangle that mess in your brain and create believable characters that audiences will love or love to hate, you never know. Want to build a world but be different than the thousands out there already? Jump over here and we can take your characters and build a world around them. Be prepared for a healthy level of snark and maybe a bourbon recommendation.

Bryan Speer

Author, data nerd, dad