Chaotic Butterflies

Chaotic Butterflies - student project

I watched this class with a group of people, who were all looking to create their own poems. So, I decided to base my theme on creation itself. 

To start brainstorming my theme, I wrote down threads around how random things can come together to create something new, how there is chaos and spontaneity in the process, and how there's usually unexpected outcomes.

As the class progressed, I started to notice the creation that was taking place right in the room. Everyone drew differently shaped butterflies even though we were trying to copy the same picture. We had different snacks on the table, such as bananas, marshmallows, crackers, and nutella (we're not a very health conscious group of people), and everyone would take snack breaks to create different combinations with those ingredients. Luckily, Cameron reminded us that procrastination is part of the process. Lastly, everyone came up with a completely unique poem, and within 30 minutes, multiple creations were born. It was fascinating. Here was mine:

Awesome, is the way
in which creation is made.
One idea is all it takes
And we're off to the race,
but all speeding off
in different ways.

Evolution from a tiny thought
Into butterflies of different shapes,
And pitstops of sweet banana nectar,
Well worth the delays.

Start. Then Chaos. Then Beauty. 

Alan Jou

Product @ Skillshare