Chalk pastels with Doris

Chalk pastels with Doris - student project

Well, I did my best Doris. Comparing my work to yours is of course always hard. I’m just an art beginner but am lucky enough to have been given some art supplies including chalk pastels hence trying out your tutorial. It’s certainly a messy medium to use and I lost count of how many times I had to go and wash my hands. They are both on proper pastel paper which was also given to me. The dust element is a little concerning so I definitely followed all your good safety advice. I used proper spray fixative and it is indeed a little scary as you spray it on. I think as with many of my projects here on skillshare, I am a very harsh self critic but I hope that when I look back at these 2 efforts in a few days I may be better pleased. Now, because I am surrounded in chalky mess I have started another unrelated pastel picture so just maybe I have got the bug. Thank you very much 
Chalk pastels with Doris - image 1 - student projectChalk pastels with Doris - image 2 - student project

Jacki Wooller