Brainstorming Assignment: My Elementary School Memories

Brainstorming Assignment: My Elementary School Memories - student project

I was a big, dark skinned little girl who had no idea how cruel human is. If I try to recall it back to the Elementary level of school, I was bullied. In my country, elementary level means 6 years of study starting the age of five or six years old.

My memories all started from grade 4, where almost all of my classmates bullied me, physically and verbally. I remembered how they used to pulled my long ponytail hair, and laughed it off when I asked them to stop. I remembered a kid kicked me in my chest and lied to everyone on how he called me and heard my sister moaned in the background. It was elementary grade, but I just knew that my live will turn into a disaster since. I was smart back then, nobody accepted it. For them, I was just this mixed blooded girl who had no right to live in their land. They hated everything that I did. It got worst when I was awarded as the best student of that class. More bullying came towards my way. What hurts me the most? When they said they wanted to come to my birthday party, I was so happy, I made those little birthday party invitation cards, my mom cooked lots of food, I was waiting and waiting, nobody came. The day after they threw rotten eggs as a gift for my birthday.

If only I could to turn back time, I would tell myself that its not my fault. I would tell myself that its okay to cry and its okay to talk to an adult about their behavior. It wasn’t my fault that I was born the way I am. I would tell myself that its okay to stand up to the bullies.


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