Bones/Trap texture

Bones/Trap texture - student project

This is what i ended up with on my ghostbuster trap following along with the lesson. I had some difficulties with the mixed shaders (partly due to my computer taking forever to 3d paint(and render for that matter)) but I still don't have the hang of making convincing "wear and tear" patterns. Overall was very enjoyable. This is my bones render which i ran into a lot more complications on.  My fractal displacement was giving me grotesque distortions for the longest time despite copying the lesson settings exactly.  I found that restarting maya/renderview along with changing my pref folder was the best solution and made my job much easier and I think my bone texture ended up looking quite nice.  I think I need to get more familiar with photoshop in order to do a better job on the paint but I'm pretty happy with the goofy face.When using mesh lights (even at camera AA=6) I got lots of fireflies. I exported the renders by clicking render current frame and then finding it in my images -> temp folder. Not sure if i am doing that correctly but i think it works for my purposes.

Great lesson again Lucas, Thank you.