Bethany's Still Life

Bethany's Still Life - student project

Here is the still life reference photo that I took of some of my things. I tried to use a variety of different textures to challenge myself and boy was it a challenge!


Here are my sketch, grey-scale and colour thumbnails. I didn't spend very much time on these as I was eager to start working on the final image. 


At this point I had worked out the size and placement of each of my objects and laid down the base colours.

Finally after working on this for well over a week I finished the rendering and here we are!

I've never really completed a digital painting to this level of rendering before. It's probably the longest I've spent on a digital painting in hours total and I'm really proud of what I've accomplished!

There were many times at the beginning of rendering that I wanted to flip my desk and just quit, but it really pays off to push through that.

I've learned so much from making this painting. Without this class I probably would never have even attempted to make a still life and spend the amount of time I have on this.

There is still so much to learn and improve on. Specifically the sweater material was really challenging and I still don't know how to make that more appealing without spending hours and hours on it.

Thank you Damien for making your class and breaking down the steps on how to tackle a painting like this. You're very much appreciated!