Artista's Influencer Marketing Campaign

Artista's Influencer Marketing Campaign - student project

Updated on Saturday January 2nd 2016

(I just noticed that I missed HW3 so I updated this post with both hw3+hw4)

Homework Assignment 4

E-mail pitch to a blogger:

Subject: Collaboration Proposal

Hello Zoella,

I absolutely liked your gift wrapping article. At such a busy season one can get so overwhelmed to spare some time to custom their wrapping papers and decorate their gifts. Those quick tutorials surely save up a lot of time and effort. 

My name is Anwaar and I'm a designer and illustrator at a company called 'Artista'. It's a graphic design and art studio that provides creative designs with a blend of different cultures and experiences. In Artista, we highly believe in “Creative diversity” which is why we offer different designing services with a touch of creativity. 

I'm embedding two pictures of a notebook and an iphone case designed by us for you to take a look at:

Artista's Influencer Marketing Campaign - image 1 - student project


Artista's Influencer Marketing Campaign - image 2 - student project

If you're looking for creativity we're the company to seek. You can choose from our premade designs or a customize your own. 

Make sure to reply to us using this email address so we can talk more about this proposal. 

Best regards,


Homework Assignment 3

Hashtags and keywords: Illustration, design, digital, motivation, smallbusiness, art, smallbiz, success, socialmedia.

I noticed that I started getting likes when I merely used the above hashtags. I used to add around 17 hashtags and I got 50+ on instagram and engagement on twitter but I felt it wasn't too professional to add that many hashtags. So I switched to using less and still likes and engagement. 

Updated on Tuesday December 22nd 2015

Homework Assignment 2

2016 goals list

I want to earn $50,000 per year = $4,167/month 

Averages to $139 per day

Average product is $50 = $1,000 per month

Conversion rate is 1%= 5,000 unique visitors per month

1. Website Traffic:

3 months= 15,000 unique visitors ( 5,000 x 3 )

6 months= 30,000 unique visitors ( 5,000 x 6 )

1 year= 75,000 unique visitors ( 5,000 x 12 )

2. Orders per month 


3. Social media engagement growth

Engagement growth of 50%

Average like per post: 10K

Average comment per post: 5K

Build a follower list of: 100K


Homework Assignment 1

1) Audience Analysis

Giuseppe is a an art director and an illustrator working at Penguin Random House. He’s also a guest speaker, a critic, and teacher at schools that include Falmouth University and many others. Giuseppe attended Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in illustration. 

GOALS: Giuseppe looks for illustrators who can best help convey the feeling of the story.

FRUSTRATIONS: The illustrator or their art may not fit the story.

HOBBIES: Illustrating/painting (?)

SOCIAL MEDIA: He uses twitter to communicate with his followers and created a new blog called #arttips providing insight into the professional practice of illustration.


2) Campaign Proposal

What value does the brand give to others?  Artista is a graphic design and art studio. Artista provides creative artwork with a blend of different cultures and experiences. 

What is the proposal?  

“Creative diversity”

For this campaign, we want to focus more on the creative side of the designing and illustrating process. We will reach out to around 10 creative directors seeking illustrators and graphic designers and ask them to review our illustrations and critique them. 

How long will campaign run? Other requirements? 

This campaign will run for 20 days. 

How much will creative directors be remunerated? 

Creative directors will receive a digital illustration done by Artista as well as a custom design service worth not less than $200. 

Anwaar AlAsousi

A designer and illustrator.