Animation! - student project

20220105 Jumping ball (Anticipation)

The first animation of the year, I've done a jumping ball. I personally feel the action is a bit rushed. Any comments on how to improve this?


20211230 Bouncing Square (Slow in & out)

This was fun experimenting.

1. At first I just did a normal slow in & out for the square hitting the ground:

For the falling part, I followed the rule to double the distance difference of subsequential consecutive poses. To illustrate the pose-frame-distance relationship, the chart is like that:

2. I thought of adding in the squash & stretch effect learnt from yesterday, so the animation loop became something like this:

I thought it'd take more time for the square to resist the squash effect and come back to its original shape, so I doubled the frames at pose 7 and 8 when the square is still trying to resemble its original shape. The distance btw poses are still the same.

3. That try gives an interesting visual effect of more presence of the gravitational force. So I maintained the frame number and took out the squash effect, it looks sth like this:

Compared to the first movement, the bouncing now looks more organic.

4. I thought of adding in the stretch effect as well. So it becomes like a bouncing square jelly:

I took the liberty to double the frames at pose 9 as now it seems more time is needed for the square to resemble its shape and overcome gravity.

5. I wanted to see how far I could stretch the ending pose (at the original starting position) with the whole movement still looks natural and organic. The result I found out was to hold the ending pose for 5 frames as longest (including the starting 1 frame at pose 0):

This way, it still looks natural.

If adding one more frame, the fact of the square staying at that ending position becomes stagnantely obvious:


This could still work in some scenes where we want to portray a sense of 'stop' in that object. And I guess the number of frame to be held at the same pose to give a similar effect will also change with a different distance of movement.

This is how my Adobe Animate Timeline looks like at the end:


I've taken Lucas' comment and added in a contact frame of the square before it squashes against the ground. It does seem less strobey and visually more smooth now:


20211229 Dancing Water Ballon (Squash & Stretch)

My first 2D animation haha! It was fun to do, had some troubles navigating in Adobe Animate but finally completed this annoying guy here XD