Animation inspired by Batllestar Galactica

Animation inspired by Batllestar Galactica - student project

I posted this before in the discussion, but I am sharing it here as a project with more detailed information.

This Existing Animation really came to life when I added Sound 

The Animation is based/inspired by Batllestar Galactica (original series)

Link to Vimeo version without Sound:


Link to Vimeo version with Sound:

The sound is all free sound, that it edited and distorted (without really knowing what is was dooing) in Adobe Audition.

I did a lot of destructive editing, so for sure I will try the multitrack option next time. (with effects rack)

Below the screenshots at different times, showing the adiotracks that are used.

A1 = the audiochannes from th input animation (no sound)
A2 = Short Effect layer
A3 = Short Effect layer (I used 2 so that I could overlap sounds without cutting them off)
A4 = Engine sound getting slower to the end
A5 = The general ambient sound.

I hope that this shows some insight in the project.

The sound all came from the YouTube audio library. Mutalated a lot to fit my need, for example the cylon (robot) sound (the red light going left to right) is a golf club swing that is slowed down and changed the pitch/levels

I am planning to use sound more often now, becuse it really adds a new dimention to an animation.
One thing I experienced is that I need to start the sound effect sooner than the actual moment in the animation. (like the laser blast, if you match it exactly, the sound feels a bit late)

The Layered sound is really much deeper/richer than using only 1 sound

Would love to hear what you think of it.

Best Regards, Sebastiaan

(Screenshots of Adobe Premiere)

Cylon (sweeping) sound

Alarm sound (3 times) and enginesound starting

Radar bleep

Radar lock Bleep, Bleep, Bleep (different bleep, and louder, and quicker behind eachother)

People chatting on radio, first lasershot

Laser shot, I used 2 trackes, because the needed to be plased quick behindeachother and I didnt want to cut the first one when placing the second

Explosion, and slowly all tracks fade to silent

Graphic Designer, Teacher