Act 1 of the Ghost Mother

Act 1 of the Ghost Mother - student project

Act One

Hook – Becca died in a car accident

  • Becca was running late to pick her son up from school, she sped past a red light and was t-boned by a truck.
  • Becca’s spirit left her body once she died.
  • She watched as crowd gather and the ambulance came and took her lifeless body away.
  • Death came out of the shadow and tried to convince Becca to go to the spirit world.
  • Becca refuses to go with Death, she wants to say goodbye to her husband and son.

Backstory – Becca is a housewife with a husband and son.

  • At the hospital Becca watches her husband and son identify her body.
  • Becca saw how upset they were.
  • Becca had plans to make her famous roast chicken for dinner and brownie for dessert. They were going to play monopoly after dinner. This is what they do every Tuesday night.

Trigger – At Becca’s funeral she sees her family grieving.

  • A few days later at Becca’s funeral, Becca see that her friends and family were all there. Even the beautiful Rose from across the street.
  • Rose is always flirting with Becca’s husband.
  • Becca see how upset her son still was as he refuses to talk to anyone.
  • Becca possesses Rose to console her son and husband.