30 Grunge Rose Petal Brushes

30 Grunge Rose Petal Brushes - student project

30 Grunge Rose Petal Brushes - image 1 - student project

This set of brushes originated from wrinkly and dried up rose petals from Valentine's Day (Feb. 14) and Women's Day (March 8).

I tried both scanning and taking photographs (using a play of light from my mini flashlight) to capture the texture of the petals. 

The scan and photos didn't end up great but I tried them up with Photoshop to see how they looked. 

What I ended up were really grungy petal shapes (as you can see from the top photo). I tried coming up with effects using the brushes and I am happy with the results.

I am sure there are more uses from the brushes that I can explore but being relatively new to Photoshop, my outputs are quite limited. 

My bottomline with creating the brushes (and their "by-products") is if they feel good for me. I wish to have more feedback and suggestions though about awesome possibilities using these brushes.

30 Grunge Rose Petal Brushes - image 2 - student project30 Grunge Rose Petal Brushes - image 3 - student project30 Grunge Rose Petal Brushes - image 4 - student project

I also managed to create grungy textures and grungy backgrounds just from experimenting. This shows the versatility of these petal brushes (and I'm sure all other brushes that are created by others).

30 Grunge Rose Petal Brushes - image 5 - student project

30 Grunge Rose Petal Brushes - image 6 - student project

The link https://creativemarket.com/pixiesparks is really just imaginary because although I already have an account at creativemarket.com, I haven't yet applied for a store.

Opening up a store at creativemarket.com is something I've been toying for for a long time but hesitated because I wasn't confident about the quality of "art experiments" I did in the past.

Gerren's course is a knight in shining armour for me (or should I say Gerren is the Knight in that shining armour?). 

Gerren presented the course so powerfully, simply and comprehensively that I "emasculated" my guts to do so many things:

  • played around with my creativity using various media, anything that I can get hold of like leaves, flowers, fabric, old magazines, etc. (but the best part was putting my hands to work with doodles and drawings); 
  • experimented with awesome possibilities that I can derive from my output brushes.

I love it that Gerren showed especially in his first video how to be highly resourceful and creative. 

It's awesome to see the works of other students and to learn from them.

I have enjoyed this Course extremely!  

Love love love to be in here. 

Thank you for this wonderful learning opportunity, Gerren and Skillshare!



Maria Silvo

Coloring Bookworm