14 Day Drawing Challenge

14 Day Drawing Challenge - student project

A record of my 14 days of drawing


Day1: 'Journey'14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 1 - student project

Reflection: V. quick drawing for this one... need to buy more pens I think and spend a bit longer but nice way to loosen up


Day 2: Cloud watching 

14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 2 - student project

Reflection: I really enjoyed this exercise, it isn't something I have done before, similar to the first day I think spending more time would be good for me... I think I will return to this method in the future though 



14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 3 - student project

Today I experimented with a chalk pastel and went slooow. I've never really understood why pastels are square, I think it makes it difficult to make precise lines but I am also very out of practice. 


Day 4: Fast

14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 4 - student project

I decided to limit myself to two colours today and go for something abstract. I really was just making marks and playing around. I think the limited palette helps to ground the drawing and not make it seem too random. 


Day 5: metamorphosis 01

14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 5 - student project

This was a mixed media piece that was trying to use negative space. I think in general I want to prectice my figure drawing. I like to draw from imagination for these practices but I think some practices with figures and proportion would give my imagined figures more realism. 


Day 6: metamorphosis 02

14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 6 - student project

If my first drawing was huddled up then this one is an explosion. I enjoyed trying to fill the page also. Again my figures need work


Day 7: creatures 

14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 7 - student project

Another day, another media experiment. This time with black ink, I've not used this much before so I really was getting the feel for it. Perhaps some watercolour paper is needed and I would like to try using ink to draw from life. 

Day 8: Colour

14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 8 - student project

So I bought some new pencils... they were super cheap... I think you can tell haha. maybe not the best medium to showcase colour... going to come up with a use for them though

Day 9 - Flatten it out

14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 9 - student project

This was such a fun exercise. I tried to create a face by breaking it into flat shapes. This is potentially a better submission for colour!

Day 10 - Thread

14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 10 - student project

This was a one line drawing... got some new fine liners, really like using them

Day 11 - Transform

14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 11 - student projectI built upon my cloudwatching drawing trying to develop the surroundings of the dancers - bit of a quick exercise today

Day 12 - Structure

14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 12 - student project

I enjoyed creating this scene. I started from the main tower structure and worked outwards. very fun exercise

Day 13 - Take 2

14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 13 - student projectCombo of day 5 and day 7, ink, pen and watercolour

Day 14 - Texture

14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 14 - student project

This one is a bit abstract, not my favourite but I enjoyed using ink again.