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yourkidsday - an online toolkit for in-home childcare providers to communicate with parents in real time

The Backstory

My name is Rachel Yockey and I’m a typical suburban mom, complete with 2 soccer players, a princess, a minivan, and a great husband that helps me keep it all together.  I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur but never knew what I was excited enough about to make happen.  Commercial real estate consumed the first chapter of my career, during which time my kids were always in some form of daycare – whether it was at an in-home provider or a corporate daycare setting.  The real estate bubble burst and I moved into Chapter 2 of my career - a young technology company working as a sales rep. 

Literally one day I was sitting on my couch looking around and thinking of something…likely what needed cleaned….when I caught a glimpse of my paper recycle bin.  It occurred to me how many daily activity reports were in there and how I loved receiving that information but it was so wasteful to get a piece of paper every day that I merely glanced at.  And it also came at the worst time – when I was picking up a child only to turn around and rush off to some other activity.  Therefore that piece of paper wasn’t providing any real conversation or value.  Why isn’t that information online and in real time?

So I pulled together a few colleagues that I met at Chapter 2 and started bouncing around ideas for putting those daily activity sheets online, and making them real time so parents can login and see how their child’s day is going.  Did they cheer up after drop off?  Did they eat lunch ok?  What time did they lay down for nap?  Are they in a good mood so I can run a couple of errands after pickup?

The What

Meet yourkidsday.  An online toolkit for in-home childcare providers to communicate with parents in real time.  From activity tracking to accounting and everything in between, it’s the one place for parents and providers to keep and track all information related to the child in care.

Two developers and a marketing strategist are helping me bootstrap this passion project of mine on lunch hours, Wednesday work nights and weekend work-a-thons. 

Our MVP soft launch is coming soon and capabilities include:

  • Real time daily activity tracking
    • Providers enter the activities such as meals, bottles, diaper changes, naps, education activities, etc. as they happen.  Most providers (as in those that are doing this as a career and watch multiple children) are already doing this in paper form.
    • Parents can login any time during the day to check in.
    • Historical data on activities will be reportable so providers and parents can look at trends, such as little Johnny’s bottle consumption, nap schedules, etc.
    • All information is private.  When parents login they only have access to their child’s information.
    • Calendar
      • Providers can enter information on the calendar to share with parents such as weekly themes, daily group activities, days they will be closed, restricted hours, etc.
      • Parents can also enter days the child will be absent, requests to keep the child afterhours, adjusted schedules, etc.
      • Providers will have multiple views of the calendar via tagging, by family, by activity, as a list, etc.

We have a mile-long list of other features we’ll roll out in future versions including accounting capabilities, picture sharing, messaging, newsletters, a marketing homepage for the providers to use, curriculum, and more!


The Why

Because I believe that if yourkidsday can make a childcare providers day a little easier, then they’ll be happier and have more time to spend playing with the kids.  If the parents can feel more connected to their kids and know everything is ok, then they’ll be better parents and better employees.  Happier providers, happier kids, happier parents, and better employees all add up to helping the world be a little bit better of a place.  


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