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your queen

my anniversary is this coming week and i've tried to illustrate this several times but nothing seems to fit the idea i want to get across (like, super cute, but the added spoooOOOoookiness of the skulls??). hopefully this is more in the direction i want to lean towards. 

here's my sketch! i did this a while ago and i messed around with it in illustrator for a while and i just never got the look i liked. i couldn't remember the brush i had initially used, but i added in some detail when i started this tutorial so the new stuff is in a rougher looking brush. 

i've colored this a few times in a few different ways and i think i like where this one is going. i totally forgot about the skulls, so i'll add those in later.

so, i think i've got the main part of the composition finished. i think it looks pretty good. 


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