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your mutt, your muse - Baby

This is one of my dogs, Baby. She's the elder of the two and has a very special history with us.


We wanted another dog in the worst way after our other dog died. We were heartbroken, but it was very hard to find one. We usually do rescues or shelters, but in New England its a mess.


 We were also house hunting at the time for our first home and it was very stressful and we weren't having any luck there either.


Add to all this, I have some social anxiety issues sometimes and the house hunting was hitting all my buttons. Then I started to worry about finding a house and moving and having to be there all by myself. I've never not had dogs in the house except for one brief 6 month period which was awful. I cried everytime we came home without a little face to greet us.


So I prayed...a lot. One night I had a vision of sorts. I've had this happen only one other time; when my dad died. I know the difference between dreaming and this. Anyway, God told me that he had a house waiting for us already. I should stop worrying and stop being upset and wait for His sign.


I asked him how would I know? He said that he also had a dog for us. We would get the dog just before we found our house and it was going to happen soon. A few days later, my husband saw a puppy that a family didn't want. It was a little cockapoo, but it was in Connecticut. My husband talked to the family and they wanted to meet him before saying yes; which is understandable.


He drove 3.5 hours to Connecticut on faith alone. They spent a lot of time with him. I couldn't go because I was sick and I would not have done well on that long a trip from home. It took hours, but I finally got a call and the family spoke with me. too. We hung up and I still didn't know if they liked us or not. About half an hour later I get a call from my husband and he told me he has a little furry friend in the car with him. I cried big time! She was so adorable, although we think they mistreated her some. But she was beautiful!


We named her Baby because she was SUCH a big baby. lol. It just fit. One week to the day that we brought her home, we found a house, made an offer and got it. 30 days later we closed on it.Baby had tons of room to run around, inside and out. I had furry company. She is still a daddy's girl. She loves us both, but she adores my husband; her rescuer. God had done everything He said he would and more. I want to learn to draw her because she is very special.


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