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#younggurumixcontest. clockwork

first off i would like to say thank you for the opportunity and thank you to all the people that submitted their work i really learned alot from everyone.

first off in this beat i actually made a previous beat that i worked on for a while as far as the mixing went. my 10 year old toshiba laptop wanted to act like a child and wouldnt let me render the file without delays in meshing up the mix. -.- so i figured why not make something based on my mood at the time. this beat is inspired by the movie clockwork orange by stanley kubrick. I WANTED IT TO BE REAL DARK AND SERIOUS.

i first used a song by lcd soundsystem dance yrself clean as a reference to how i wanted the mix to head to as far as a first draft mix goes.

first i wanted to get my levels right and associate everything with a color that fits.

since i associate instruments and sounds with color like a form of synesthesia i figure i would make every instrument low and then play with the panning and phasers until it felt right. im mixing all in midi because my computer is very old and has only 1.36gb left. with the plugins and the cpu usage issue i had to bounce one instrument down to wav. now i started with the main instruments because my drums were already hard hitting distorting so i wanted to get the main components right. i use to put my drums in stereo but my mixes were crowded so i picked up something anthony killhoffer said in an interview so i keep my drums in mono and play wit the levels. i usually take some of the middle low end out of the 808s because i want the kick and 808 to mesh well. i usually keep my drums at betweek -12 to -8db.

with the instruments i took some of the superhighs off and some of the lowend on some things. i took out just enough to not have everything sound cluttered. when it comes to my vox i took some vintage drumbreaks and  tweaked just to have a background presence. i usually add a pad and bring it down for the ambience but i decided not to on this one.

i panned everything where it felt right  from a drummer point of view and added little compression to my main instruments. usually i add reference drums to get my point across then listen back for like a day or two then change the patterns add a couple drops. i try to make everything be as organic as possible.

when it comes the master track i had izotope ozone 4 but it was too cpu intensive so i decided to use a parametric eq to check my tonal balance and take some tiny bit off the lows and highs. it actually makes a difference when u render out different bits. i wanted to use some compression but i didnt think i needed it so i decided to chill. this vst called "THE GLUE" is pretty iLL. it sounds pretty nice on youtube.

as you can see from my background i used mostly waves plugins. i was fortunate enough to have a friend that was giving up his equipment so the mercury bundle is my choice. to save cpu i used some standard plugins but basically transfered over the wave presets to the vst effects i was using.

after all said and done i rendered my session out in 24bit,  320 khz. 6-point hermite and delay compensation. just in case.






well theres my mix so thank you to everyone who is checking out my session post and if you want to exchange some knowledge so we can all get better feel free to @ me on twitter or facebook

[email protected]



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