Jeffrey Youngblood

designer and illustrator



youngblood design


I am Jeff, a graphic designer and illustrator. I have a background in fine arts, but have transitioned more and more into graphic design in the past few years.  So I am trying to re-launch my brand which was more illustration based.  At one time I was disillusioned with the creative field, in particular fine art. But overall I just love working creatively and communicating visually. I still consider myself as someone who is really trying to find my voice and style as a designer, and who thinks more critically about my own branding, though I do branding for others. 

I am a traveler and adventurous person who is very much a big picture thinker, visionary type.  I am very good at critical thinking and problem solving, and I think this is my edge when it comes to design. I want to highlight that. I also have highly developed rendering skills that I am still learning to translate digitally. But I think once I figure that out it will help me stand out and I can develop a niche market. But it's a process. I am hoping this course on branding will help with that.  

Brain dump:


I was really having a hard time identifying the ideal client, but here"s what I got:    



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