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youbringfire Business Card

--------- May 10th 2014 ---------

Summer break is here...Which means! It's finally time to get this project started. I've been meaning to get a really badass card printed by the badass guys over at Mama's Sauce, but college has been eating my time.

Anyway, below is a mood board for my card to inspire me to create something using the same techniques. I'm certainly leaning towards the colored edges, foil stamping and possibly letterpressed as well. I want something incredibly unique and intricate as well to be memorable and make someone say "HOLY GOD I NEED THAT CARD". 

From here on out, I will post my journey from start to finish of my business card design and all the sketches and everything else in between. 

More inspiration for the style and theme of my card design. I'm obsessed with old Union Pacific and other railroad posters. So! With that said, I think a business card that mimics the train ticket style would be super rad. Exploration continues!

--------- MORE COMING SOON! ---------


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