you never know when the work will come in

you never know when the work will come in - student project

most of you probably don't know but I record and make all my courses from a mobile home, a caravan if you will - I've been living this life, travelling and crashing on people's sofas for the last few years now and before that I was living in a co-housing setup for about three years.

after I posted this course I was contacted by one of the guys at the company as they were interested in my story and also the potential of maybe working together on recording screencasts for their intranet and outfacing zen desk customers.

if people ever ask you why you do what you do remind them that the game these days is awareness. you could be the best animator in the world but if your not putting things out there in the world for discovery then your just at the bottom of a very long list of paper cv's - you have to be present, you have to turn up and you have to tell your true story.

this work, if it comes off was three years in the making. kinda crazy, but I'm happy for the opportunity of the work.

at least it puts food in the pan (fond memories of summer!)

Philip Campbell
Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow