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you are beautiful bracelets

Last semester in a graphic design class, we were encouraged to create something for the you are beautiful campaign.

The campaign encourages people to start their own projects, simply based on promoting the phrase "you are beautiful."

I chose to make alphabet bead bracelets with this phrase. I created little envelopes that read "take one & pass one. #youarebeautifulbracelets," and placed a bracelet in each, with another bracelet clipped on the outside of the envelope. These were then hung on a tree outside of the Starbucks a my school. I also created a poster with the hashtag and phrase to hang on the tree. Within about eight hours, all twenty of the bracelets were gone. A kind stranger passed one of the bracelets along to one of my friends, who was unaware that I was the one who made them. Once she found out, she told me about how the kind gesture made her day so much better. Realizing that I could have brightened so many peoples days with a bracelet gave me such a great feeling. I immediately wanted to make more of them. I wanted to made one-hundred bracelets. 

Here are a few photos from my first project.

Sadly, buying that many alphabet beads is something that I can not afford...but then I had another idea. I realized that I could make beads out of clay! The art department provides students with clay and access to ceramic kilns. I am going to make one square bead for each bracelet with the phrase "you are beautiful" written on each, and a blog address on the back. Yesterday I made white clay to create the beads with. After I make the bracelets, I am going to place them around my city for people to find and take. I am leaving to study abroad in a few weeks, and it would be great to be able to bring some to France and London as well if possible. I will post pictures of my process soon!

Update #1:

I really like the idea of making a tumblr instead of a wordpress blog, like I had planned before. I also really want people to be able to tag where they found them! Tonight I am making the tumblr and finding out about how people can tag where they found the bracelets. I really want to know if it made someone's day better! :) Thank you for the feedback!


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