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Rachel Larsen




you are a shadow of your future self

My phrase was "you are a shadow of your future self", a quote from N.T. Wright.

I started off brainstorming with the list shown below. This process was hard for me because I felt like this phrase was not very physical, which is something I struggled with throughout this project.


I drafted up some thumbnails of what I wanted my project to look like. 



And I ended up with this!


It definitely feels a little empty to me, it could be a little busier. Also, I don't like how the 'self' turned out, but I was doing it on the computer and after spending an hour on it I gave up.

I don't have a lightbox and was tracing my sketch on a window, and it was really hard for me to ink! I ended up scanning my pencil in and tracing over it in photoshop. Haven't gotten tracing down in PS apparently. 

Anyways, thanks for looking! I can't wait to make more hand lettered projects! 


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