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xTwo Hands Clothingx

Name -

Two Hands Clothing

Summary -

Two Hands Clothing is a company that is challenging a stagnant industry. It embodies current trends in global clothing as well as, the underground art scene within our urban culture.

Biggest Issues with Startup - 

- People's choice in clothing reflect peer pressure more than individuality

- Industry is flooded with countless options

- If company does not stand out enough it doesn't get noticed / If company stands out too much it will become a niche product

MVP Solution - 

Start in one city with events and take a community approach.Get the music scene interested, then the art scene, then so on.  Interview people on what they wish was different about their clothing and the industry as a whole. 

Follow up -

- Move from ground effort to events

- Guerilla marketing campaign taking art to the streets

- July  Rent a tent at Artscape in Baltimore. One of the nations largest art related festivals / events.

- July  Rent a tent at Bonaroo and interact with the indie music scene directly. Bonaroo is one of the nations largest indie music event.

Actionable Plan -

  1. Create clothing
  2. Create Facebook and Instagram page to promote products
  3. Interview people about their issues with the current clothing industry
  4. Promote designs and figure out which customers like best
  5. Launch website by June 2015
  6. Approach music/art/cultural events and sell product

Goal -

Level 1 -

Verify the need/interest

Print 25 pieces, sell all of them in one day

Level 2 -

Move into 3-5 events with

100-200 pieces of clothing

Level 3 -

Continue growth plan

by August 2015 have a 

steady purchase online/brick and mortar

stores of 200 pieces purchased per week

Level 4 - 

Expand clothing line

Gain enough capital to

manufacture a jacket


Level 5 -

Addition to the website

for outdoor clothing line

launch customization tool

Launch by December 2015 before Christmas


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